Social Marketing Stats for 2022

Social Media Marketing is a vital portion of a well-rounded omnichannel marketing plan. It is important to keep up with the changing demographics and content preferences for each platform to ensure that you are sending out the right message in the right format at the right time.

Today, we will look at the demographics for social media as a whole and by platform; plus, we will look at which content formats are making the most impact. Our goal was to pull the most recent data from across the internet and put it all in one place for your ease. 

Demographics, Time Spent, and Purpose for Social Media as a whole

Social Media, once the purview of the young, is now widely used by all age groups. The majority of the world's population utilizes at least one social media platform. The continued growth of social media use increases its importance for branding and sales.  

Social Media is used by:

  • 84% of Americans aged 18-29
  • 81% of Americans aged 30-49 
  • 73% of Americans aged 50-64 
  • 45% of Americans aged 65 and above 
  • 58.4% of the world's population 
  • 72% of adults make use of at least one social media platform. 
  • 8 is the number of the accounts used by the average social media user 

Time Spent on social media

  • 2.5 hours daily is the average time an American spends on social media
  • 2 hours and 27 minutes is the worldwide usage average
  • 81% of time spent on social occurs via mobile device

What people are using social media for

  • 54% use social to research products
  • 33% of people use social media to contact companies
  • 63% of people expect companies to take customer service communications via social 
  • 130,000,000 people interact with shopping posts monthly
  • 95% of all social users follow at least one brand through their accounts

Most Popular Social Networks Worldwide

According to Statista in their January 2022 report, based on monthly users worldwide, the following are social networks in order of popularity:

1) Facebook

2) YouTube


4) Instagram

5)Weixin/ WeChat

6) TikTok

7) Facebook Messenger

8) Douyin

9) Q.Q.

10) Sinaweibo

11) Kuaishau

12) Snap

13) Telegram

14) Pinterest

15) Twitter

16) Reddit

17) Quora

Statistics by Platform


Facebook is trending towards older users. While still receiving the largest share of marketing ad budgets, their dominance is waning. Organically, it can be the hardest platform for gaining attention.  


  • 3.8% of Facebook users are under the age of 17
  • Facebook's average user is trending older. More people over the age of 50 use the app than those under 30
  • 10.4% of Facebook users are over the age of 65
  • More males (56.6%) than females (43.4%) utilize Facebook 
  • India (320,000,000) and the U.S. (190,000,000) are the top two populations that use the app  
  • $60,000- $70,000, the average income of more than 80% of Facebook users
  • 70%, the rough percentage of U.S. adults that have Facebook accounts 

Other Stats:

  • 0.29% is the average engagement rate for pages that have less than 10,000 fans 
  • 0.05% is the average engagement rate for pages with more than 100,000 fans  
  • No single post can go viral and be seen by the majority of Facebook users 


Instagram is the Meta, the new name for the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, etc,.  product currently being utilized by the younger generations. It is a strong platform for marketers as users of this site are actively looking for products to purchase. This platform offers great opportunities for Influencer Marketing.


  • 61.6% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-34
  • 8.5% of people under 18 utilize the app
  • 2.1% of the app's users are over 65
  • Male and female usage of the app is roughly even at 50.7% and 49.3%, respectively

Other Stats

  • 500,000 is the rough number of influencers producing content on Instagram 
  • 2,000,000,000 is the approximate number of monthly active users on this app
  • 90% of the users of this app follow at least one business
  • 83% of people use the app to discover products and services  


TikTok is the rising star of the social media world. It caters to a younger audience, but more and more people of all ages join the app daily. Businesses' marketing efforts are starting to take off on the platform, but remember their saying, “don't make ads; make TikToks.” Marketers looking at this platform should focus their efforts on producing ad content that does not interrupt (take away from the fun content atmosphere) on this platform.    


  • 45% of all TikTok users are between 18-24 years old
  • 68% of TikTok users are under 30 
  • More than one-quarter of TikTok users are under the age of 18 
  • More females (56.1%) than males (43.9%) use the app
  • Americans use the app more than any other population in the world, followed by Indonesia

Other Stats

  • 1 hour and 8 minutes is the average time users spend on this app daily  
  • 1 billion + active monthly users
  • 50,000+ Influencers on TikTok


LinkedIn is the king of social media when it comes to recruitment. While most users see it as a site for placing your resume and accomplishments, as well as hunting jobs, LinkedIn is also a growing marketplace for content creators and B2B business marketing. This platform is a great resource for personal and business branding and thought leadership.  


  • 59% of LinkedIn users are between the ages of 25-34, followed by 18-24 at 20.4%, then 35-54-year-olds at 17.7%
  • More men (57.2%) use the app than women (42.8%)

Other Stats:

  • More than 75 applications are submitted each second on the app
  • 49,000,000 use the app to search for jobs weekly
  • Has more than 185,000,000 members
  • 40,000,000 LinkedIn users are decision-makers in their respective companies 
  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as the main platform for their content
  • Roughly 50% of all traffic from social to B2B websites comes from LinkedIn


Twitter is the place for live news aggregation. Like YouTube, Twitter is one of the few social platforms whose content will help you rank on Google. For businesses, it has immense value as a customer service channel.  


  • 59.2% of users are between the ages of 25-49
  • 17.1% of people over the age of 50 use the app
  • More men (56.4%) than women (43.6%) can be found using Twitter

Other Stats:

  • 83% of world leaders utilize Twitter
  • 40+% of account holders check the site daily
  • 80% of Twitter users have tweeted least once about a brand


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. This platform is a must for your marketing efforts. From fun content to behind the scenes to how-to videos, short or long form content, YouTube allows you to do it all, and the best part is your content ranks.    


  • 90+% of all people between 18 and 49 use this app 
  • 49% of people 65+ use this app 
  • 60+% of users visit this site at least once daily 
  • More men (54.2%) than women (45.8%) utilize this app. 

Other Stats:

  • one-quarter of worldwide traffic from mobile devices is from YouTube.
  • 1,000,000,000+ hours of video are watched on the platform daily
  • 10 minutes is the average video length on the site
  • 70% of viewers are watching from mobile

Social Sites that see the most engagement

According to Social Media Insider, TikTok sees the most engagement out of the four major platforms in the U.S. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have seen engagement drop over the last year.  

According to their report, Average Engagement Rate for all industries:

  2021 2022
TikTok 5.11% 5.96%
Instagram .90% .83%
Facebook .20% .13%
Twitter .06% .05%

Most effective content

By far, the most effective content today is video. Unfortunately, most businesses have not yet made video their primary content style. Influencers and user-generated content also show a higher engagement rate than traditional business posts. For 2022, your goal should be to diversify your content offerings.  

  • 85% of marketers agree that Short-form videos are the most effective 
  • When videos are used on Twitter, their engagement rate rises to .17% versus the average rate of .05%
  • On TikTok, 80% of the best-performing videos utilize music
  • Videos on Facebook see an engagement rate of .09% higher than average
  • 2-5 minutes is the ideal video length for increased engagement on Facebook
  • 70% of all content on Facebook and Instagram is photos
  • Facebook live engagement is 26%
  • On Instagram, Carousel posts have the most engagement at 1.08%, followed by pictures at 0.81% and videos at 0.61%
  • Tweets that feature GIFS show 55% more engagement than average
  • Long-form content and linked YouTube videos get the most shares on LinkedIn
  • Influencer content is seeing a 7% increase in sales vs. traditional content
  • Click Through Rate is two times higher than average for influencers' posts 
  • Almost 50% of consumers stated that they rely on Influencers' recommendations before making purchases 
  • 80% of people don't mind brand content that sells, as long as it is fun/entertaining, useful/informative, or emotionally moving
  • 50% of people say that relying only on humor for your content can feel outdated
  • Click Through Rate is two times higher than average for influencers' posts  


Marketing teams are set to spend more money on social marketing this year than ever before. Social media RIO, particularly in brand awareness, can't be beaten.  

  • $40,000,000,000 was spent on social advertising in 2020
  • Almost 75% of marketing professionals stated that social media effectively marketed their businesses.  
  • 71% of all small and medium-sized businesses utilize social media as part of their marketing strategy
  • Once a day is the most common posting frequency for small to medium businesses.


Keeping up with the changing content trends can be difficult. Focus on producing high-quality content based on your consumer data and be prepared to reformat that content to provide the needed touchpoints that turn interest into sales.  

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