Trucking Industry Recruitment: Programs Reaching Young Drivers

Enticing young people to join the trucking profession is key to the health of our supply chain. The shortage of drivers is only expected to increase in the coming years as more people retire. Without young drivers joining the profession, the supply chain issues we have seen over the last two years will be nothing to compare to the problems we will face in the future. Several programs are working on reaching young people, improving their interest, and smoothing their way into the trucking profession. Today, we will look at these programs and their efforts with Gen Z.

August Job report and July Job Opening and Turnover Survey

August job growth fell slightly short of expectations, coming in at 315,000. After last month's job growth (revised down to 526,000) far exceeding expectations, this month's slower growth can be seen as a good sign for those watching the Fed's moves to stem inflation. While hiring might have slowed, job openings rose to 11.2 million in July. With unemployment rising to 6 million, there are still 1.86 jobs available for every person unemployed.


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