Introduction to Employee Retention:  From ‘Quiet Quitting’ to ‘Quiet Hiring’

It is important to remember that open and honest communication must be the foundation of any plan to use quiet hiring. Don’t risk losing the talented employees already in the company; make sure to take their needs and desires into account before making any moves. With the right plans and discussions, though, quiet hiring may the answer that employers need to re-engage their workers and, most importantly, retain the best ones.

Introduction to Employee Retention: What is your Employer Value Proposition?

These questions, along with other similar ones, are important for identifying a company’s Employer Value Proposition, or EVP. A business’s EVP is, in short, the combination of salary, benefits, and other forms of non-monetary compensation and perks that a company brings to the table when it comes to hiring and retaining talent. It is important to communicate these values to employees, and that communication and transparency can help smooth the way for workers to choose to stay with their current company.

Trucking Industry Recruitment:  Making Mental Health a Regular Part of Healthcare

Most everyone can agree that truck driving is a normally lonely profession. While driving teams are starting to become more prevalent, they are not an everyday occurrence yet. So, for the bulk of drivers, time in the truck is spent alone. When Covid-19 hit, this issue was exacerbated when restaurants and truck stops closed; this was either voluntarily done by owners or by government order in some places. In many places, warehouses and shipping and receiving facilities barred truckers from entering due to fear of contagion. This meant that one of the loneliest jobs in the world became even more solitary.


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