What should you be focusing on with your Content Marketing in 2022?

Like ours, I am sure that your company spends much of your marketing team's time reviewing your content strategy and conducting content audits. It can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing best practices. Today we will look at a few strategies to assist you in making the most of your content in 2022. 

What's Hot in 2022?

Marketing teams for 2022 are focused on developing more video content, hybrid events, and better utilizing paid media. Special attention is being taken to making sure that your content is geared to reach all aspects of the digital world: video, voice, visuals, etc. Keep learning styles and accessibility in the forefront of your mind for success in 2022! 

How much content do you need?

The traditional rule of thought is that it takes 13 pieces of content before prospects are ready to move forward with the buying process. This includes eight bits from your company, videos, blog articles, social posts, white papers, etc. AND five pieces from third parties such as testimonials, reviews, etc. However, today, experts state that you need to post as much content as possible as fast as possible due to the fast pace of the online world. 

While it is true that content does not stay in your prospect's newsfeed for any length of time, there are ways to keep in front of people without putting out 5-6 pieces of new content each day. It is more important to focus on quality and brand voice than pushing out as many content pieces as you can a day. 

Developing and maintaining the right voice for your brand is critical to developing a connection with your customers. It’s okay to take the time to create the best content possible, and in our opinion, preferred.

Improve your response time

Gone are the days of the 24-hour response period. People expect a response almost as quickly as they hit 'send' in today's working society. Your response time does need to be fast when it comes to content. Your company must be on top of comments, questions, and leads that come in from your content.

Data, Data, Data

You must think more recently than just the last year or even last month to utilize your data fully. In digital marketing, things change in the blink of an eye. As you analyze your content performance, you can't just look back at year-old data; you must be reviewing every day, every week, as the trends and the needs change. Don't get left behind simply because you are not checking your strategy often enough.  


There is a movement towards utilizing AI to produce content. AI writing skills have improved greatly just in the last year alone. If I put samples in front of you right now, you would have difficulty telling the difference between computer-written and human-written works. However, there are still many flaws in AI writing software, particularly in good storytelling. Storytelling relies on empathy, and AI has none. AI doesn’t have the ability to tell a good story with the right amount of empathy… yet. As you start to add more AI content to your marketing efforts, be sure not to lose the personal touch of human writing.


Keeping up with the changing content trends can be difficult. Focus on producing high-quality content based on your consumer data and be prepared to reformat that content to provide the needed touchpoints that turn interest into sales.  

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