May Employee Spotlight: James N.

We want you to get to know Lionzone and our team! From our customer-facing teams to our behind-the-scenes crew, Lionzone would not be what it is today without our team's hard work and dedication!

May’s Employee Spotlight: James N. 

Debra: Hi Lionzone insiders. Thank you all for joining us for another episode of Our Employee Spotlight. Joining me today, I have James Nance. Hi, James.

James: Hi, how are you doing?

Debra: Oh, just fine. Tell us a little bit about what you do here at Lionzone.

James: Well, as the digital marketing manager, I coordinate with our strategists on accounts for deploying our clienteles’ campaigns, as well as working with our partner networks to ensure the best quality possible.

Debra: Sounds like a very fulfilling position.

James: It very much is wonderful.

Debra: Well, you've been with us for quite some time. Could you tell us exactly how long you've been with us?

James: I've been working here for six years this October.

Debra: All right wonderful. So, tell me a little bit about what makes you motivated to get up and come to work each day?

James: That's a very interesting question. I want to say the biggest part that allows me to really get up and going in the morning, other than coffee, is the aspect that what we do here at Lionzone helps individuals get jobs. It helps the clientele get the employees that they need and that they're looking for, as well as individuals that are out there trying to get new jobs in this difficult market in order to get them so they can start providing for their family and everything else. And that really helps me be able to get the day started on the right foot and go from there.

Debra: Sounds like a good reason to get up each day.

James: I definitely believe so.

Debra: So, tell us a little bit about what you like most about working here at Lionzone.

James:  I would have to say it would be working with the eclectic group of employees that we have.  And coworkers; they are an amazing group. They are always able to make you laugh. They're always able to be there to bounce ideas off of. It's a really wonderful, well-rounded environment here, and it's doesn't necessarily feel like work when you're coming into a group of friends like that and, or, coworkers that you see as friends.

Debra: That makes for a pleasant environment, doesn't it?

James: It does.

Debra: If you had to describe Lionzone in three words, what three words would you choose?

James:  Innovative, challenging: for the different obstacles that we face and try to traverse, as well as family.

Debra: Very wonderful. I like those three words. So, tell me a little bit about something that you've learned here at your time at Lionzone.

James: Oh, I, I would have to say being able to work with multiple agencies and partners at the same time, while working with multiple groups within our own agency, trying to build together and reach the same goal for everyone. It has been an amazing experience learning how to do that, to work with so many different groups is just been very eye opening.

Debra:  So, we like to learn a bit more about you as a person. Do you have like a motto or a saying that you really enjoy?

James: I do. Growing up in a military family, it was pressed upon me to always have each other's backs and everything else, and, out of that mentality, in that aspect was the motto “Stand united or fall.” It's a little dark in some aspects. But it also highlights some of the best about humanity.

Debra: It's very cool. As a historian, I really appreciate it.  In fact, the Kentucky state flag says, “United we stand, divided we fall.” So very similar.

James:  Very, very similar.

Debra: Tell us a little bit about what you like to do outside of work.

James:  I would actually have to say my hobbies entail miniature painting, and is having game night with my partner and our friends on Friday evenings. We play different board games, cards against humanity, or even dungeons and dragons.

Debra: That sounds very interesting.

James: It is. It definitely helps the imagination flow.

Debra: Wonderful. If you can meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, and have a conversation with them, who would you want to meet?

James: Oh, Robin Williams, hands down. He's one of my favorite comedians. He, even after his passing and everything came to light about all his issues that he was dealing with, he was always on screen, always putting his best foot forward to make everybody laugh and to bring joy and happiness to the world. And that had a major impact on me as a kid. And I always try to inspire to not only get everything done in my life, but to try to bring happiness and smiles to those around me by making them laugh.

Debra: An

admirable trait to try to emulate.  He was one of my favorites.

James: Yes, I love him in pretty much all of his movies and such. Even some of the darker ones, like What Dreams May Come.

Debra: Oh, that's one of my favorites.

Debra: Thank you all so much for joining us for another episode of Employee Spotlight. Next month, we'll be featuring Phillip Goldberg.


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