Keys to a Successful Video Marketing Strategy


Video is the key to marketing success today!  85% of consumers stated that they are interested in seeing more videos from brands. Video is how people interact with the world today, spending roughly 100 minutes of their day engrossed in videos across multiple platforms. B2B or B2C video can expand your marketing reach. 

The Benefits of Video 

1) Humanize your content- video allows you to focus on the best of storytelling, use empathy to make a connection, and allows your customers to see themselves in your story.

2) Increase brand recognition- videos capture attention! Studies show that 95% of your message is retained when a video is utilized.  

3) Reduce bounce and improve engagement rates- video increases engagement on your website! It lowers bounce rate and improves your ranking.   

4) Reduce support calls- When you offer how-to videos and step-by-step video guides for your products, it has been shown to reduce the number of calls you get for support issues.  

What type of videos are best at each level of your funnel?

Awareness Stage:  At the awareness stage, your videos should focus on catching the eye of potential customers. Fun, and even silly, brand videos are a great way to get your name out there. At this stage, it is ok to focus more on entertainment or education than selling your products.  

Consideration Stage: At this stage, your focus should be on your customers' needs and pain points. Lead with empathy! The key at this stage is for them to see themselves in the message. How-to’s and explainer videos are good at this stage.  

Decision Stage: This is the stage where your sales team might finally be interacting with your prospects. Make sure that you have materials that supplement and enhance their work. Testimonials and case studies are great at this stage. Keep in mind, though, just because we are down to the nitty-gritty of selling, don't lose the personal touch and suddenly move to bland and corporate sounding. Keep your focus on empathy, make sure they see themselves not just in the issues they have, but what their life will be like with your solutions. 

Customer Care Stage:  Your work is not done when the client is landed. Videos are a great way to assist your new customers with their needs and create brand loyalty. Think step-by-step guides and FAQs for this stage. 

Keys to a Successful and Accessible Video

1) Make sure that your video captures attention within the first five seconds. Short attention span is a fact of life today; if you don't reel them in right away, you will lose them.  

2) Make sure your videos are engaging, use your company's authentic voice, and speak to your customers' needs. 

3) Ensure that your videos are effective with or without sound. This is especially important for the videos that you share on your social media platforms.  

4) Transcription or captions are necessary to ensure that your videos are accessible.  

5) Optimize your thumbnail image. Make sure that this image captures attention and encourages the click. 

6) For the title of your video, make sure that it is short but reflects why they should be interested, and be sure to include the keywords you want the video to rank for. 

7) Be sure that the description of your video is not just a repeat of the content of the video. Keep it short and sweet and sell on why they should be interested and utilize your keywords.  

8) Embed your videos onto your site but post them natively on your social media sites. Hosting your video on YouTube is a great way to get your video into the eyes of Google's search engine and allows for easy embedding onto your website. But for Social Media, your video will do better in the algorithms if placed there natively.   

Videos are key to gaining attention in today's world. Make sure that you are reaching all your potential customers with a comprehensive video marketing strategy.  

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